You are complete in Christ

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YOU ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST-Be encouraged this week because Jesus has made you complete. You are whole the way you are; so do not let anyone or any situation convince you otherwise. You are complete because

  • It was finished-At the Cross, Christ declared that it was finished. Any set back, any hindrance, any low self-esteem any inferiority, sin, sickness, curses, death were all addressed and conquered at the cross. The Cross has made you flawless. You are complete because IT WAS & IT REMAINS FINISHED!
  • You lack no good thing -Psalm 34:10-The young lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Psalm 84:11. The Lord bestows favor and honor to those who walk uprightly; He withholds no good thing from them. He knows our needs even before we ask, He grants us the desires of our hearts. God is timeless, delays are not in His vocabulary, He can do 1000 years in one day, and in one day extend 1000 years, He is the only one Who sees the end from the beginning. We are complete because GOD WITHOLDS NOT GOOD THING!
  • When you ask, seek or Knock-God responds. He is the lord who hears and responds to our prayers, calls and cries. When we call on Him, He responds. Matthew 7:7. When anxious, He promises assurance to provide, in fear, He promises to protect, in weakness, His grace remains sufficient for us to strengthen and change the order of events. We are complete because our ULTIMATE FATHER HEARS US & because HIS PROMISES ARE SURE
  • In Him you Live and Move and have your being- not in the fellow man, not in things not in riches, achievements and accolades. But because the Spirit that gives life lives and works with us, we are complete by the Holy Spirit, the breath of God, whom we breath and filled with daily, to life, move and co-exist in God. Through Him the Holy Spirit, we are empowered, counselled, activated, anointed, imparted, convicted and directed. We are complete, BECA– USE IN HIM WE LIVE, MOVE & HAVE OUR BEING
  • GOD KNEW YOU BEFORE you were born. -Before you became an embryo, God already knew and elected you as His own. Before you became saved, God knew you would, He selected you. As you grew, He gave you specific personalities, attributes, physiques, gives and talents THAT CAN ONLY BE EXPRESSED & EXERCISED BEST BY YOU; this make you complete in Him!
  • Most important, YOU ARE CREATED IN GOD’S OWN IMAGE- What more would be more important than this. This alone makes you complete, as the image of God, saved and sanctified, set apart as a co-heir of with Christ, seated by the right hand of God to reign with Christ. You are endowed the covenant and the inheritance; the power and authority to reign heaven and earth from HERE ON EARTH, then eventually reign together with Him eternally.

As we venture into this month, the 3rd month of the year, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, walk in the completeness and the authority of Whose and Whom YOU ARE. Denounce and reject any contrary name, label you had been given or even assigned yourself. WALK IN WHOLENESS HENCEFORTH, YOU ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST. Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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