The vision to birth a forum for women in ministry was a result of compassion for women in ministry who need support to optimize their callings. Pauline believes that women play an integral part in the body of Christ and should be afforded the support needed to thrive and impact many.

The mission of MJC’s Women in Ministry Forum (WMF) is to nurture and empower women; including those who are freshly new to ministry., we believe that this mighty throng as stated in Psalm 68:11 will impact the world with great measure. Psalm 68:11 says The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng. This means that women are destined to proclaim the word of God with power.

Additionally, WMF will be a safe place to develop for women to receive healing, restoration, and refreshment, serving as platform to minister freely – and assisting them overcome ministerial challenges. WMF will foster a culture of freedom love and honor female ministers allowing them to embark on their destinies with boldness and courage. WMF will serve women in all spheres of influence including the marketplace, business, media, art, and entertainment. Support for women in WMF will be done through regional and annual conferences, one-on -one consultations and through small group gatherings.

Membership to the Women in Ministry Forum is open to all women. Benefits of being part of WMF include prayer covering, collaboration and connection, apostolic coverage, leadership training and development, one -on -one mentoring, licensure and ordination, 10% discounts for conferences, books, and teaching materials.

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