The mission of The Ministry of Jesus Christ International, Inc. (MJC) is to prepare the bride — the body of Christ (the church) — for the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ). MJC will preach, teach, equip, and disciple, resulting in salvations, healings, deliverances, restoration, and restitution.


The vision of MJC is to ignite passion, ignite love, and ignite the fire of God. MJC will be marked with mass signs and wonders, the unheard and unseen, greater exploits, and walking in the fullness of our identity. MJC believes in executing the kingdom of God on earth with impactful power that transforms persons and communities. Through transformational evangelism, MJC strives to leave no community the same; each community served will experience a positive kingdom impact for God’s glory.


  1. Billion Souls Salvation — MJC envisions that by fervent prayer, cooperation with the Holy Spirit, and Christ-focused teaching, billions of souls will receive salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration, and restitution.
  2. Discipleship and Equipping — MJC is committed to preparing the bride (each believer) for the coming of the Bridegroom (Jesus Christ). MJC will conduct training in discipleship and equipping, in collaboration with local ministries and churches.
  3. Launching Destinies — Through training, MJC will help believers understand their identities in Christ, thereby discovering their gifts and callings. Through impartations and activations of gifts, MJC will launch believers into their destinies.
  4. Creativity Platforms — MJC will develop platforms to allow believers to develop and assert their creativity through various programs.
  5. Transformational Evangelism — MJC aims to support underprivileged populations who live in underserved communities globally. MJC will partner and collaborate with existing ministries, organizations, and churches to serve the underprivileged; such services will include supporting widows and widowers, orphans, single parents, and refugee camps. The focus of transformational evangelism will also include education and economic development in poor communities.
  6. Women in Ministry — MJC aims to support and coach women in ministry by creating a safe place for one-on-one prayer and consultation for them. MJC also aims to help emerging and future generations of women to excel in their callings and ministries.
  7. Leadership and Mentorship — Through its Power and Impact Leadership Institute platform, MJC will provide leadership training, consultative services, and mentorship to ministry leaders and workers, churches, businesses, and individuals. MJC will also train and mentor those interested in becoming influential leaders within their spheres of influence.
  8. Training — MJC will establish, manage, and maintain training centers, schools of ministry, prayer centers, resource centers, and libraries — as well as electronic platforms such as social media forums and webinars — to train, license, and ordain ministers and to equip believers for the work of the ministry.
  9. Electronic Accessibility to the Gospel — MJC aims to establish robust, user-friendly electronic platforms easily accessible to persons from all socioeconomic backgrounds.
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