Ministerial Mentorship

Pauline is passionate about mentoring and supporting believers to attain full purpose in their callings. Among the focus areas is the identification of one’s gift and preparation and development of those gifts. Such mentorship can be provided in one on one settings or in large groups. Pauline also has heart for pastors and leaders in the front. Her role is to support the shepherds through prayers and well as providing guidance or consultative services.

Please check the appropriate area you need help with.

Spiritual growth

Need help with your spiritual walk or have questions in biblical areas? These are the discipleship services that Pauline offers. As you see below there are various topics that can be covered. All areas can be customized to meet the needs of a church, fellowship or individual. All training is Christ Centered focusing on the Word of God and the steered by the Holy Spirit.

If in need of teaching and support in seminars, conferences, or small groups, please check applicable areas or elaborate in the “other section if the area you are looking for is not specified.

career and professional coaching

God desires that we prosper in all areas in addition to our spiritual lives. Since every gift, skill and talent is purposed for ministering to others as our service to God, Pauline offers professional support to those desiring to advance in their careers or businesses. We serve God by serving others; “Career Talks” are free presentations that Pauline offers for small or large groups.

Listed in the below are other areas Pauline can serve you with.

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