THE BEST WINE IN TOWN-The reason why we must continually submit to God and let go the old is because new wine cannot be poured into old wineskins. New clothing cannot be patched with old garments. This came as revelation as to why in this journey surrender and submission to God’s will and ways are […]


Quick to rescue

Let’s Blog, Let’s Talk (JUNE 2016 BLOGS. WEEK 4) QUICK TO RESCUE-Not all bad things, adversities and temptations are from satan. At times God allows the bad things or uses the adversities to test us, mature us and most important to ensure His Will is accomplished in our lives. So it is crucial to be

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Order still applies

Let’s Blog, Let’s Talk (MAY 2016 BLOGS. WEEK 4) ORDER STILL APPLIES IN OUR WALK WITH GOD-SHORT CUTS ARE LONGER- God respects order so do not be fooled by extractions of the Word of God in hype to entice in order to achieve self-gratifying fulfillment. God’s ways ARE. God is not human; we cannot do

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Be A Spy

Let’s Blog, Let’s Talk (APRIL 2016 BLOGS. WEEK 3) BE A SPY -In reflection, I noticed that I may have avoided a lot of negative outcomes and or choices if I had only gathered the facts before I ventured into some stuff. Have you wandered, why although Joshua and Caleb had full access of God’s

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