Signs and Symptoms of Soul Ties

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(FEBRUARY 2016 BLOGS. Week 4)

SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF SOUL TIES- Thanks to many who responded privately and openly on this week’s blog from Sunday. From personal experience, at times I have experienced faster deliverance and healing because I had knowledge or insight of what I wanted freedom from. For those who are/ being healed from the past, I share these as led of the Spirit and from teachings & study of this topic to help you identify potential areas you may examine for better healing: Here are some signs of soul ties

  • You are constantly thinking or have fantasies about this person
  • You are constantly thinking about this person even after they left and or despite you having another person. For example, if you are married /dating and still thinking and or wishing you were with your EX, you have a soul tie with the EX.
  • You have items from this person that you cannot get rid of because they keep you connected to the person even after they have left.
  • The person is your first contact for everything. This person knows your life like a book or you feel obliged to share everything with them.
  • You cannot make any major decision without consulting and getting approval from this person.
  • You look up to this person for affirmation,
  • You are needy of this person or the person makes you feel like you need them and cannot survive without them.
  • Your life and resources revolve around this person,
  • You give more (time, money or service) to this person and receive less or nothing from them. (Healthy Relationships should be reciprocated not one sided)
  • You sacrifice to give the person what they need while you stay in lack or at a stand still
  • Although the person has or may hurt you, you cannot get away from the person or see a way out. Instead, you rationalize and accommodate the person’s negative behaviors.
  • You are fearful of the person and you do whatever they ask you to do whether it does not make sense, whether it is unethical or harmful to you & others (this is a form of witchcraft)
  • With time, you may sense as though you are under the control of the person, Worse yet, the person controls, manipulates, threatens you for their benefit not yours. This is dangerous and are signs of witchcraft. (In my opinion, witchcraft is not limited to voodoo, white or black magic)
  • The person uses passive aggressive ways to entice you to meet their needs and you seem smitten by their tactics.

Caution- Intimate relationships and sexual interactions are not the only way soul ties can be acquired. ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP HAS THE POTENTIAL TO CREATE A SOUL TIE. Soul ties can be acquired through well-meaning people such as parents, siblings, co-workers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, persons of influence such as bosses, pastors, mentors or spiritual leaders. Unhealthy soul ties can be experienced in marriages also. SOUL TIES ARE GENDER NEUTRAL

Just remember that total dependence on a woman or man or anything and even YOURSELF is idolatry. The 1st Commandment “You shall have no other gods before God. (Exodus 20:3):

PRAYER-May God continue to heal and deliver you through this post today. Stay strong, God who has started healing you will bring this healing and deliverance to totality and completion. We will wrap up the blog on soul ties next week. I will also share some wonderful resources on this topic next week. A must have! Loves! Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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