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MAXIMIZING OUR ASSIGNMENTS IN THE STAGES OF LIFE-I experienced a radical paradigm shift on Friday Feb 4th, 2016 after watching a post that was forwarded to me. In this video, two single ladies encouraged other singles in their walk and life in Christ. The paradigm shift came when these sisters shared the importance of focusing on your assignment while still single. Whereas the post was geared towards singles, it dawned on me that what they shared applies to all areas of life. I gathered, that:
If single, God has specific assignments for you to accomplish in your singlehood. Are you focusing and committed to this assignment or distracted? What if God told you that you have only 9 months to go as a single person, would you have completed your assignment (s) by the end of the 9 months?
If already married, are you focused in your assignment as a married man, woman or couple or are you distracted. Do you have a vision or mission for your marriage? Joshua had one; as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15
If in a career, college or ministry, are you focused on your assignments while here or are you distracted.
In my journey with God so far, I have learned that God teaches, chastens and promotes in stages. I highlight this in the new book Called to Ministry, Now What! It behooves one to stay in tune with what God is doing with us at any stage, lest He allows you to repeat the issue over and over till you learn the lesson. By the way, It is God who determines when you graduate to the next level NOT you.
With all these in mind, on Feb 5th, 2016, I recommitted my life to God again (I’m repeating again, twice, for the second time, because nowadays under conviction, I find myself recommitting and submitting to God and the Holy Spirit over and over. I’ve stopped reasoning and arguing with God)
I repented of having wasted time and resources, and allowed distractions to blind me from my assignments in this stage of my life. I realized the need to refocus on the assignments God has given me in ministry, career, family. Then I submitted. I asked God to refuel me and asked the Holy Spirit to recharge me I prayed earnestly, God help me see and know what assignments I need to complete now. Redefine them to me Lord and before each stage is over; help me accomplish each assignment successfully, with a “well done, bravo! good and faithful servant” Matthew 25:21-23. I will put you in charge of many things come any share your Master’s happiness. Promotion only comes after successful completion of our assignments.
PRAYER-Dear Lord, please help us RECOGNIZE & COMPLETE our assignments in every stage of our lives. Amen. Our prayer for the week. Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.
Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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