Pauline has been conducting international missions since 2018. Her love for missions is in response to God’s mandate for her assignment to evangelize and disciple nations.

The missions are often in collaboration with local churches in the countries she is assigned to. Pauline considers herself a Global Missionary. Enclosed are updates and gallery from her assignments in the USA, Africa, and Mexico.

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Mission Updates

Mission to Africa- First Trip, Spring 2018

  • Objective: Impact Future Generations, Evangelism, Ministry Team Training; activation of Spiritual Gifts
  • Main Goal- Outreach to Girls’ high schools

Mission to Africa-Second Trip Fall, 2018

  • Objective: Evangelism and Discipleship-training on Salvation, Water Baptism, and the Gifts of the Spirit
  • Objective: Transformational Evangelism: Outreach to widows, widowers, orphans, youth center initiatives


In the fall of 2019, I concluded a one-month mission in California, Arizona, and Mexico. The mission’s goal was to equip churches in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the prophetic and spiritual warfare. In total, I visited eight churches: four in the USA and four in Mexico. On the days that I was not ministering in churches, I conducted one on one deliverance ministry and group deliverance and inner healing sessions for families by request. I am still in awe of God’s move that I saw from Church to Church, beginning in California and ending in Mexico. Below are the testimonies from the mission to California. There were countless testimonies in California during the seven days that I ministered there. Among the highlights were:

Immediate activation of the gifts of the Spirit, mostly words of knowledge, wisdom, and mainly the seer gift. I have never experienced most of the Church activated in such large numbers. Both the young and the old were activated. To see brethren step into their giftings immediately made ministering and prayer so effective. Through gifts, we could pray strategically and accurately. 

Part of the equipping included corporate declarations and prayers of deliverance, especially in spiritual warfare. It was amazing to see mass deliverance, brethren getting breakthroughs, and experiencing deliverance immediately. Many were freed and physically healed as they said the declarations. The Pastor had to decrease the time that was allotted for testimonies because, per the Pastor, “the whole church would have testified!”

In California, I witnessed God deliver twenty-one (21) members of the same family who were previously dedicated to satan. The testimony from the family’s matriarch, who is approximately 80 years old, was, “I now know how to fight the devil, I will not be afraid of satan anymore, I now have the tools to fight effectively.” There was a second family of ten that also got delivered from the occult. In this family, a young man renounced his lifestyle, dedicated his life to the Lord, and kicked his then live-in male partner out within 24 hours. Glory to God! 

The church in California took the teachings by the horn. The Pastors continued to steer the congregation at each service to act on their prophetic gifts. To hear testimonies of freedom and continued breakthroughs in peoples’ lives, has been amazing! 

Well, there are often such great celebrations, but whenever I leave such churches, I’m left with anguish. I realize there are many people who need follow up and many yet who are hungry for the gospel. Trust me; there are more equipping, healing and deliverance needs not only in California but the rest of the world. The feedback I received was, “Pauline, I feel like our eyes have been opened! We know more now- we have been advanced to another level”. Imagine if all believers experienced this! 

Enclosed is the gallery from the California mission.

MISSION TO Caborca, MEXICO, november 2019:

The mission to Mexico came unexpectedly, although I should know by now that God has a way of adjusting our plans to fit his! As surprising as it was, I still took the initiative to pray and prepare since it would be my first trip to a new territory. On a separate note, may I share that God has a way of preparing us for our callings way in advance, even before He unveils His plans to us? While in college, I wanted to study Spanish as a second language. My reasons for studying it were to stay versatile in my career portfolio to work in culturally diverse settings. Now I know that interest was directly tied to my calling to the nations, including Mexico!

Well, I was met with such hunger for the Gospel and genuine desire to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to walk victoriously. Mexico’s mission was to equip the saints in prophetic gifts, hearing God’s voice, and in spiritual warfare. Each training session involved activation of spiritual gifts, impartation, and praying for deliverance and healing. An old lady came by bus an hour away gift to be prayed for healing. She was healed, glory of God! The mission’s highlights were the immediate activation of spiritual gifts, where many attendees were activated in the seer gifts and prophesy. Many discovered that they were prophetic but were unaware of how to steward their gifts.

It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit in action, prophesying, and interpreting directly from tongues to Spanish. A gentleman shared that “as you were praying for me in tongues and English, I had clearly what you said in Spanish…this is what you said, and the scripture you quoted me was this!’ At hearing that, I stood amazed! Others testified of increased sensitivity in the spirit, seeing and receiving words of knowledge and wisdom. I cannot forget this other testimony from the worship leader. He narrates that as he was worshiping, his eyes opened in the Spirit, and he saw what was going on outside the church. So he ran out to check, only to discover that his eyes had just be opened to see in the spirit! The Pastors in Carborca also embraced the prophetic gifts and continued to perform activation exercises after I left. They testified that many became comfortable with the gift of prophecy and that there were confirmations of words that were released.

The hallmark of this mission was the house-to-house ministry. Since many could not come for all days of the equipping sessions, one -on-one ministry was made available. Many were delivered and healed in these sessions. Among them was a couple that was able to recognize and break generation curses. Since then, this couple has launched a successful worship band! This is one of the remarkable testimonies never to be forgotten!

There are countless testimonies from Carborca. I believe that the grounds of this city were opened for the Gospel. We continue to contend for Carborca in prayer that the believers will stay on fire for Jesus and that the city is reclaimed for its Creator and Lord, Jesus Christ the King of kings, and Lord of lords. Arise and shine Carborca, your Light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Halleluyah!

Below is a gallery of photos from the mission in Carborca, Mexico

Puerto peñasco, MEXICO, fall 2019:

The Puerto Peñasco mission was our last equipping conference as we wound up our mission to Mexico. As God would amaze me, His glory increased from one mission to the next! I ministered in two churches in the port city of Puerto Peñasco. Believers in these churches had great expectations for what God was going to do. The atmospheres were charged with God’s grace, mercy, and love to heal and set free. There was an atmospheric spiritual breakthrough that the Pastors attested to as they made declarations and broke curses.

In Puerto Peñasco, we experienced many physical healings, including healings of knees and neck pain. Tumors in the stomach disappeared coupled with deliverance from demonic dedications. A lady whose knee had just be healed broke out in a dance in high heeled shoes! Another lady was healed from uterine discomfort- in fact, the first day I prayed for her, she said, “was so gloomy and depressed, I don’t know why I came here.” But on the second day, this sister who was in the Church’s dance ministry; danced endlessly after service.  The Pastors pointed her out to me, saying, “that’s the lady from yesterday now dancing to the Lord“! Halleluyah, glory to God.

Another great testimony was of a young man who attended the Puerto Peñasco conference at the Holy Spirit’s direction. On the first night of the conference, he got delivered from demonic oppression. On the third day of the conference, a Sunday service, his eyes were corrected and restored, Halleluyah! Previously this brother had astigmatism. Besides, five people gave their lives to Christ and were filled with the Holy Spirit. Four teenagers were delivered from anger, the trauma of fatherlessness, depression, and drug addiction. One of the teenagers kept joining us from one Church to another following his deliverance. There were confirmations of callings, one of which was a nine-year-old boy- whom Holy Spirit encountered him so strongly; he held his dad so tightly following that encounter.  All I could say was, “more Lord, more.”

God descended in Puerto Peñasco. However, there is still more to do in this city- to bring much emotional healing and freedom from the occult and drug addiction. Glory to God for His marvelous works in this city. Please donate to support missions on the link below.

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