Stubbornness is self imposed hinderance

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(JANUARY 2016 BLOGS. Week 4)

STUBBORNNESS IS SELF-IMPOSED HINDRANCE-Now that God has accepted our prayers, let’s not allow stubbornness to hinder our breakthrough, deliverance or the many blessings that are coming our way. Stubbornness is a hindrance to greater things God wishes to bestow to us. See Exodus: 7.13 Pharaoh’s heart grew hard, he did not heed Moses and Aaron, just as the Lord said… Exodus 8:19-Then the magicians said to Pharaoh “this is the finger of God, but Pharaoh’s heart grew hard and he did not heed them just as the Lord said.

Stubbornness is not assertiveness. It is self-idolatry because it dictates that “it is my way or no way “The root of stubbornness is fear, pride coupled rebellion and resistance. These are attributes of satan. Stubbornness is false self-confidence, which equals pride, which equals satan himself. STUBBORNESS IS UNBELIEF=FEAR. If not repented of or not renounced, stubbornness leads to a reprobate mind Romans 1.28 which leads one to do whatever they want. See Pharaoh in the key Scriptures above.
When you have a reprobate mind, you become vulnerable. In this vulnerable state, you become a target for anyone or anything. Satan NORMALLY ATTACKS WHEN YOU ARE MOST VULNERABLE! You can easily open doors for demonic spirits of anger, rage, self-destructive behaviors, marital fights and separations, addictions, financial lack, mental instability and even death.

Stubbornness occludes your mind and thought process. This is because all you see is your way. When your mind is occluded, YOU IGNORE or DISCREDIT WARNINGS & GOOD COUNSEL! You avoid facing reality. Like Pharaoh above, he was warned at most 9 times; even his confidants the magicians acknowledged God’s power and advised Pharaoh to submit to Moses’s instructions, but he refused.

BELIEVE! This week, do not allow stubbornness to hinder or delay your breakthrough, deliverance or blessing this year. In prayer, let us ask the Holy Spirt to expose areas of stubbornness that may be existing. Let us pull out the generational roots, repent and renounce stubbornness in the Name of Jesus. Holy Spirit fill us a fresh, mature and counsel us as we walk in the fruits of the Spirit. Now let us Praise God with expectations of overflowing blessings and greater answers to prayers from last week’s blog. Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus -Pauline

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