Constant focus on our inadequacies in not of God

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(JANUARY 2016 BLOGS. Week 3)

CONSTANT FOCUS ON OUR INDEQUANCIES IS NOT OF GOD – The accuser of the Brethren is the one who points out and remind us of the inadequacies, Satan is a spirit being and in order to work he uses human beings. So if someone constantly reminds us of our inadequacies, that person is an agent being used to instigate. Animals and other creatures cannot talk to us; it is humans that t constantly remind us of our weakness, how many times us have tried and failed, what us have or don’t have, where us fit and where us do not belong. Constant reminders with time lead to believe systems, with time us start believing what us been told. This false belief then becomes a stronghold (way of thinking that stays stuck in your mind) which in turn dedicates every decision in life and your destiny. Here is where destinies die.
See satan comes to

  • STEAL- example (us cannot qualify for that job because the job requires talking to people)
  • DESTROY- example of mindset developing/ false belief. THEY WILL NOT PICK ME FOR THE JOB, THEY KNOW I CAN’T TALK INFRONT OF PEOPLE! WHY BOTHER APPLYING. Many jobs are posted and us fail to apply for them because us have now lost moral or enthusiasm or even try to inquire how us can go about improving your public speaking. The company may have set aside scholarships for public speaking to help employees because the position requires skills for public speaking, but NOT US, the mindset is set. Us “aint applying” -DESTROY (stage2 of Satan’s strategy)
  • Kill- SETTLING- This is death. Us stay in the same job unsatisfied and unfulfilled, less money, us see new people being promoted, us stay in poverty.

God desires that us PROSPER IN ALL THINGS: 3 John 1:2. PRAYER- DENOUNCING ANY FALSE MIND SET created by a focus on the inadequacies- Feel to pray, that Father in Jesus Name, I repent of making the inadequacies idols by focusing on them, I renounce and rebuke any false mind set and command it (them) out of my life, mind, body and emotions in the Name of Jesus. I receive the Blood of Jesus that has made me whole. By your stripes Lord Jesus, I am healed from every wound that I inflicted on myself or any wound that was inflicted by (us may name who they are). By the power of the Holy Spirit and of the Blood of Jesus, I break those words or actions. I receive wholeness and completeness in us! I receive my healing! I am healed and now embrace who I am in us Lord. A Treasured Possession. An apple of His eyes. Thank us Jesus. Amen!

Please ponder on this. Zacchaeus a very short labelled sinful tax collector climbed a try to see Jesus. Before us know it, Jesus was having dinner in’ Zacchaeus’s house. Let’s outline the inadequancies,1) short 2) tax collector most likely got bribes or asked for more money than usual 3) Worst sinner according to the seduces and Pharisees …. All these did not stop Jesus from dinning with Zacchaeus’. We have just prayed, received our healing and embraced who we are now in Christ. Let us is now dine with our Savior, Friend and Ultimate Intercessor, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus-Pauline
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