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(FEBRUARY 2016 BLOGS. Week 1)

MY LOVE STORY-This week I will share my personal testimony of how Love continues to sustain me in life. God is Love.
Words of Affirmation. I have seen Love assure from my childhood that I am His own. I have seen Him strengthen and encourage me when there was no one to turn to. I have heard Love speak encouragement and cheer me to pull through. I have seen Love talk on my behalf as an Advocate. I have seen Love prophesy over me and confirm His Words to me. On the morning of Dec 19th, 2013, I heard Love tell me very audibly, “The Almighty God is my (Pauline’s) Father”.

Acts of Service- I have seen Love fight fiercely for me and my family. I have heard of Him show up as a watchman dressed in white guarding our home in the slums of Kenya at night. I have seen Him offer warnings and counsel through dreams, visions and audible disclosures. I have seen Love pull me up from the depths of darkness and anchor me on a cliff of a Rock. I have seen Love preserve my life and the lives of my siblings from the evil plot of the destroyer. Oh I have seen Love commanding that we relocate ASAP before the angel of death destroyed a community. That night Love warned audibly through Bekki. I have seen Love make a way and show up at” my self-assigned last minute!” Oh, I have seen Love preserve me through the eyes of Grace and Mercy to still forgive and protect me although I was in sin. I have seen Love defiantly fight for me in spiritual warfare in 2010 and between April 2014 through January 2016. I have seen the Right Hand of Love (God). I have seen Love’s tolerance & patience of me

Receiving Gifts- I have seen Love restore my mind, soul and body. I have seen Love heal, deliver then refill afresh with Fresh Oil, Fresh Glory, Fresh Fire, Fresh Joy and Fresh Peace. I have seen Love resurrect dormant gifts, enhance existing ones and endow greater newer gifts. I have seen the FREEDOM OF LOVE. Recently, I experienced the Perfect Peace of Love. Then it dawned on me that this was the “peace that surpasses human understanding”. I now have it. Oh the TRANQUILITY OF THIS PEACE

Quality Time- I have seen Love birth a new hunger, I have seen Love demand for purity of intensions and commitment. I have seen Love cherish and discipline simultaneously. I heard Him calling with urgency to the prayer room and when I got there, I found Love waiting to minister. Oh I have seen Love minister for weeks in the car that often I had to pull over and wait till He was done because Love’s presence was so dense that I was subdued in His Glory. I have seen Love disrupt my agenda and routines because He wants to reveal something to me. I have seen Love teach, counsel, reveal to me and impart me. I have seen Love’s humor me, where we both laugh and I go “that was so funny Holy Spirit” or You crack me up Holy Spirit”. But then, I have also seen Love say or do something and I go “seriously God? “Really”, “that is not fair”; then conclude, “thank you Holy Spirit, I now see what you mean”. I have driven home from a long work day and found Love waiting for me in the living room.

Physical Touch-I have seen Love give me a memorable hug through an aging gentleman with special needs. I have seen Love show up with bouquet of flowers through a peer in the office. Have seen Love show up through loyal and committed pool of staff whom I am grateful for. I have seen Love show up in favor with man, with the employer, with friends and family. I have seen Love open greater doors and I have seen Love also shut doors dangerous doors despite me wanting to keep the dangerous doors open! I have seen Love heal me from great offenses, wounds and infirmity. I have seemed Love set my mind free of strongholds. I have seen Love impart me with great humor and free Spirit of utter joy, I have seen Love deliver me from fear and anoint me with boldness. I have seen Love raise me up to His lap and cuddle me in His comfort. One day in 2009, in response to a personal affirming statement, I heard Love say “and God Loves you (Pauline) too”. On that day, I embraced my new name; Beloved Polly. I HAVE SEEN GOD!

Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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