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(FEBRUARY 2016 BLOGS. Week 3)

GOD’S SURE LOVE is for those who may think are unloved or rejected” for those who have been, dumped, used, exploited, frustrated, experienced broken engagements, the divorced and widowed.
Let us PURSUE HEALING THIS WEEK – Valentine’s day may have come to many as somber or depressive moments. The thought of lovers, engagements or weddings may leave some in utter pain of disappointment. These apply to males(brothers) or females(sisters)
Most human beings have a need for acceptance, belonging and love. To some of you who did not experience any of these, especially from childhood, we can be vulnerable by looking for acceptance love and belonging in wrong things, people and places. PLEASE DO NOT COMPROMISE UNDER THESE PRESSURE(S). SOME OF THE COSTS OF COMPROMISE ARE REALISTICALLY IRREVERSIBLE & PRACTICALLY DEADLY
I share these personal lessons; It is important that you heal completely before God promotes you to the next level. Whenever God shuts the door, it is for better and greater things. If satan shuts the door, it is always temporary because God has the Upper Hand. God ALWAYS restores and recompenses. SEE the perfect stories of Joseph, Job, Daniel, the widow who was supplied with more oil, Jesus multiplying out of lack, to left -over 12 baskets of food.
PRAYER- Father in the name of Jesus, forgive me for not loving myself. I release anger, bitterness and unforgiveness against past lovers. By the Blood of Jesus, I break ALL soul ties with past lovers or any man or woman who has betrayed, lied to me, used me, sexually abused me, molested me, physically and emotionally abused me. I forgive all of them and divorce the soul ties that have caused me pain, disappointment, anger, depression, loneliness and neediness. Jesus, I embrace your acceptance, I accept your love. I receive the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. I am healed, I receive your rest. In Jesus Name-Amen
Now that you have cut off soul ties, delete the phone numbers, photos and or GET RID OF anything that would make you reconnect mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally with that person (s)
SOAK IN GOD’S LOVE-God’s comfort, restoration and power is really captured in Psalms. Read the whole book of Psalms this week. From Psalms Chapter 1 to 150. BE RESTORED. Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.
Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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