Keep the doors shut from Soul ties

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(FEBRUARY 2016 BLOGS. Feb 5th posting)

KEEP THE DOOR SHUT FROM SOUL TIES- Last week we released and cut off soul ties. This week we are keeping the door shut. Do not reestablish a covenant with what you have been delivered from for these reasons:

  • You have just cleaned house. You know need to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit in order to experience the fullness of Christ. The Holy Spirit who is the ever flowing River, will refresh, sooth and continually heal you till you are completely whole. You also need the Holy Spirit because your own efforts of the flesh will fail. It is not by might (our own abilities or talents), but by the Spirit says the Lord (Zechariah 4.6).BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT
  • If you keep yourself empty, the one you denounced, kicked out, cut off will return with 7 more others. Your condition will be worse the second time around than before (Matthew 12:43-45). Have you ever noticed that if you left something for a while, when exposed to it later you crave or take more of it? That like me and cheesecake. I’ve avoided strawberry cheesecake for quite a while now, but it you give me a whole cheesecake pie, I can eat the whole cake in one seating. Same principle applies, the person you let back in maybe more destructive, abusive, exploitive than before. KEEP THE DOOR SHUT!


  • Self-examination, self-reflection and decision – The first step to any deliverance and repentance is to do these 3 things. If you are the SOUL TIER, you must release whomever you have tied down/up. Reasons for tying others down stem from underlying rejection, insecurity, low self-esteem or low self-worth and laziness; but the main issue is actually Fear. Then you must want the deliverance. Please do not seek help if you are not serious about the help.
  • PRAYER. – With Christ and the Holy Spirit in you, be assured that you can pray for your own deliverance initially. So first we have to repent for the part we played in these soul ties. 2) Renounce and denounce (cut the off, have nothing to do with them), 3) revoke, cancel, cut off any covenant they have with you or your resources.4) Command them out of your mind, spirit, body, body organs, heart and emotions 5) receive the Holy Spirit, receive healing. 6) embrace God’s love. 7) walk in your freedom and keep the door shut! These are initial areas you can pray about.
  • Seek additional prayer from your pastor or a respectable and credible deliverance minister. I would not recommend deliverance prayer through social media. My other caution is to only seek deliverance prayer if you want deliverance and tired of what has held you down; but if still intend to reach out to whoever you kicked out, please hold off till you are ready. You will save both the pastor and you some valuable time

RESOURCES- Ungodly Soul Ties by Pastor Nellie-Shani (CD/DVD- Purchase online)-Highly recommend this (2)-Biblical Healing and Deliverance (Book by Chester and Betsy Kylstra (Book- This is a must read for all believers). (3) Open my Heart, Lord- Healing for the broken hearted- Kathi Oates with Robert Paul Lamb (book). 4)Curses and Blessings- Derek Prince 5) Curse-Proof in Christ, a free download from

By his stripes we WERE healed, this includes emotional and mental healing. Walk in the fullness of your healing and freedom. Whatever you do, KEEP THE DOOR SHUT
Be encouraged, God is Faithful and Dependable.

Blessings and Love in Christ Jesus- Pauline

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