Naaman’s story in 2 Kings 5 has many lessons; one is not to despise who or what God will use to bless us. With Naaman, the servant girl informed him where he could seek healing. What if Naaman ignored that instruction?

 All blessings though they come from God, are given to us through people. A blessing can come through an idea, knowledge, advice, or tangible product. God can use a person so close to you to bring the blessing, but we can miss it because we are focused on a preferred person or source to bring the blessing; the problem with doing that is that you will end up missing the blessings.

 An answer to prayer can be very close to you. May God open our eyes to recognize and honor those closest to us whom he has sent to bless us. Lord, help us never to despise anyone. Acts 4:13

Watch out for the means God will use to bless you daily. Expect great things!

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