When God advances us spiritually, everything else about us should also align with that advancement because everything is added to us as we seek him first. Therefore, EXPECT AN UPGRADE! Expect upgrades in your relationships and finances, expect enhancements in your marriage, promotions and bonuses at your jobs, new business opportunities, new inventions, and creative ideas. Expect new jobs bs and homes. Expect land and properties. Expect upgrades in your strategic planning, and receive new visions and blueprints. Expect the kids to do better and scholarships and great colleges for them. Expect better health and long life. Expect healthy and better relationships. Expect promotional connections in Jesus’s Name. Expect upgrades in your flights, car rentals, and travel accommodations. Expect an increase of God’s favor upon you; your mind, hands, and business are blessed (Psalm 5:8). Expect business expansions. Expect to go global; expect global impact. Expect a new way of thinking, clarity, and greater mental paradigm shifts.

WE ARE BEING UPGRADED! Expect advancement, more fruitfulness, and multiplication. GOD IS GOOD; EXPECT GOOD THINGS FROM HIM. Expect greater influence and impact. In Jesus’ Name – Amen

Declaration Scriptures: Use any of these Scriptures to make declarations.  Isaiah 48:17, Isaiah 43:19, Ephesians 3:20, Isaiah 58:11, Isaiah 60:1-2, Philippians 1:6, Hebrews 11, Ephesians 1:3, 2 Peter 1:3 – STAY EXPECTANT. NOW FAITH IS…..

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