He will take us through many seasons as we journey with the Holy Spirit. Often these seasons are used to develop and mature us for the next season or the next assignment he has. One of the mistakes we tend to make is to assume that the Holy Spirit will develop us in the same way he used in the past; this may be true or false. Experientially, God’s strategies change and often differ depending on the objective he wants to achieve for that season. We can reflect on Moses’s biblical character, how he led the Israelites in the desert and Jesus’s ministry.

To begin with, crossing the desert to their destination was a short journey, but God led them to the longer route to teach, train and develop them. The next incident is when they thirsted for water; in the first incident, God directed Moses to strike the rock, and water came out (Exodus 17:5-7)-, but in the second incident, Moses was to speak to the rock (Numbers 20: 9-13).  Throughout Jesus’s, miracles occurred in various ways, some through commanding, others by providing instructions, and others as a result of people’s faith.

As the Holy Spirit is developing us, ask him for the strategy for each day and each season. Doing this will make us effective and more productive. Inquiring from the Holy Spirit will also cause us to synchrony with God’s heartbeat, doing what he desires at the right time. So, as you sense the transitions in your life, ask the Holy Spirit what you are doing and what you want me to do to align with it. 

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