In my previous two blog posts, I emphasized the significance of not hastily sharing God’s revelations and explored how God may communicate even when we feel like he is not speaking to us. In this article, I will delve into why God may choose to stop speaking or give direction to individuals.

Sometimes, God may stop revealing himself or remain silent due to our failure to address sin, repeated disobedience, rebellion, or when the environment has been defiled. The story of the high priest Eli in the Bible serves as an example, as he was aware of the sins and abominations his sons were committing in God’s temple but failed to discipline them or speak against their actions, as seen in 1 Samuel 2. The scripture in 1 Samuel 3:1 states that the word of the LORD was rare during that time, and there were not many visions. Although Eli was a priest, God no longer spoke to him directly or through visions or dreams because he had allowed sin to continue. As believers, we must prioritize conflict resolution and not tolerate sin in our lives, homes, churches, or ministries. Anything against God’s standards must be confronted, as God is holy and requires pure interactions.

In the Bible, King Saul serves as an example of how rebellion can cause the Spirit of God to depart from a person. Saul’s disobedience was rooted in his pride, impatience, and desire to please people. As a result, God rejected him see 1 Samuel 15, 16:1, and 14. Eventually, Saul found himself without the guidance of Prophet Samuel or God and turned to a medium, which was against God’s commands. We can learn from King Saul’s mistakes that obedience to God is more important than any sacrifice or effort we make in serving Him (1 Samuel 15:22-23). If you feel like your ability to hear from God has diminished due to rebellion, pride, or disobedience, true repentance is the solution. Repent, obey God’s commands, and ask Him to restore your connection.

Another possible reason for not receiving regular communication or revelations from God is a defiled atmosphere. This atmosphere can include your body, home, office, business, the people you associate with, and even the church or ministry you have partnered with or attended. Evil spirits and idolatrous items can be transferred with or without our knowledge or permission. As God is holy, those who have received Christ must maintain holiness as a lifestyle. Holiness is not just an action; it is who we are! A defiling environment can hinder our receptiveness to the voice and things of God. For example, if a place is defiled with idolatry, witchcraft, and sins that influence our emotions and souls, it can open us up to demonic spirits. This can lead to a person operating in a mixture of demonic spirits, often through divination or witchcraft for revelation.

Keeping yourself free from contamination is essential, so commit to reading the Bible. This way, you can have God’s word and standards engrained in you. It’s also crucial to keep your spiritual gates and gifts pure. Your spiritual gates include all openings in your body, like your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, and mind. Be careful of your surroundings, avoiding gossip, quarrels, and anything that can contaminate your body, spirit, mind, and emotions. Be cautious of seemingly harmless practices like new-age spirituality, reiki, décor, clothing, logos, and designs. Some hospitals now offer reiki and therapeutic healing as alternative forms of treatment, but it’s important to decline if it goes against your personal beliefs. Make it a habit to cleanse your house and pray over your property. Be careful who lays their hands on you and whom you invite into your home. Proverbs 12:26 states that “the righteous choose their friends carefully.” Our gifts and talents are activated, sharpened, and advanced through revelations and the application of the information we gain from them. Therefore, we must keep all portals of revelation clear, open, and ready to receive from God at any moment. We should aspire to be effective ministers by ensuring the continuous flow of large rivers in us, fresh and enriching revelations.

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