I discussed potential reasons for not hearing from God in my previous blog. This week, I will conclude the second part of this teaching by discussing possible causes for communication and reception issues from God. Here are four potential reasons that hinder hearing from God.

Firstly, legalism, religious spirit, hyper-spirituality, and stubbornness can lead to spiritual blindness that blocks our reception. We must renounce these behaviors and be open to correction. Secondly, preoccupation with good and bad things can prevent us from hearing God. Many Christians are distracted by what seems reasonable – ministry, service, work, leisure, and entertainment. However, these should not distract us from God. I once neglected personal warnings from God because I was too focused on ministry. Emotional wounds and unresolved heart issues can cause us to overcompensate by working, serving, or doing ministry and be too busy to hear God. Most churches and ministries have since recognized the bait of ministry burnout and restrict volunteers to serving at most once a month or on rotation. We should be aware that anything that disrupts our relationship with God, no matter how spiritual it may sound, is not of God. We must guard our relationship with God and learn to say no to things that preoccupy us.

Thirdly, it’s important to have fellowship with God to receive revelations. Prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, and journaling are foundational ways God communicates. Consistency is vital in our relationship with the Holy Spirit. When we spend time with God, He speaks to us. When God seems silent, we should return to the basics and stay consistent in our practices. Diligence is required to hear from God; beware that He may choose to communicate differently.

Lastly, demonic entities can hinder receiving revelation from God. For example, an angel had to fight a principality to deliver answers to Daniel. Witchcraft and occult practices can also cause interruption. Symptoms of hindrance include confusion, anxiety, forgetfulness, and sudden loss of energy. Genuine repentance and renunciation of known practices, prayer, fasting, and deliverance ministry can help. Keep gates free of evil and expect to regain hearing from God.

In summary, if a righteous person remains in fellowship with God, He will not remain silent. However, if there is silence, it could be an opportunity for them to develop sensitivity to His voice and maturity. If the silence is due to the reasons mentioned earlier, the solution is repentance and returning to the basics.

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