In the last blog, I shared hindrances to finances that are personally induced. Today I will share possible signs that I consider demonically influenced strategies that Satan uses to rob or frustrate finances. They include:

  • Working hard but being underpaid at work- action, pray, research pay scales of your profession then meet with your boss and present your case.
  • History of lending money to people who do not appreciate your help or despise the help you provide them, or brag or show off negatively to you how they spent the money you gave them,
  • Increased repairs, accidents, or emergencies that often require money, leaving you unable to save
  • Being qualified but being passed on promotions or not working at the level of your qualification.
  • Having friends or a spouse who spends your money recklessly. If friends frequent rely on you to pay the bills because “you make good money” this is one of the ways, the enemy steals
  • Lending or giving money to people and they progress at your expense while you remain stagnated or slow in advancing
  • Sowing to people but not receiving any harvests. There are other reasons for the lack of harvest though- maybe it’s not time, but the harvest is coming. OR maybe the seed was sown with unforgiveness in the heart (Matthew 5:23-24) or without love (2 Corinthians 9:6-8)
  • Ask the Lord to expose curses related to your finances, wealth, or inheritance- then break them systematically in Jesus’ Name -Generation iniquity can hinder financial progress, so deal with this!
  • Repeatedly dreaming that you are in your former school, taking exams, or driving a vehicle that is stuck or with flat tires, or being in an unfamiliar room or house that you cannot get out of, driving to a dead-end, or being in a former house. Such dreams indicate a lack of progress or advancement, financial setback, and stagnation. They are often tied to your financial progress as well. When you wake up and cancel them immediately in Jesus Name
  • Dreams about picking up coins or lower monetary values such as one-dollar bills, dreaming of pocketbooks, wallets, or purses missing, giving money to people you cannot identify, money being transferred from your bank account, monetary or business transitions with people you cannot recognize in a dream, are indicative of a demonic attack, specifically witchcraft again your finances- Bind and cancel these dreams in Jesus Name immediately when you wake up
  • Dreaming of your hair being cut or shaved by people you cannot identify with; sexual intercourse in a dream with people you may know or not know; even in marriage- are indicative of your virtue and glory being stripped from you. Your finances are tied to your virtue (skills, talents gifts, strengths, and abilities) and glory – cancel such dreams violently with fervent prayers- If dreams continue after you have prayed, seek deliverance ministry.
  • Lastly, be careful of people who demand that you pay them or sow a seed for prophecy; most important watch out for those who say that God told them to you should sow large amounts of money to them for a breakthrough; especially when they quote you the amount you should give. You should be very careful of such ministers especially if God had never given them any word to you except one related to finances, and especially if they are not frequently in contact with you. Satan steals through his agents and you never know what that money was covenanted with.

I encourage you to confront these obstacles. Christ has authorized and empowered you already. He will guide you with wisdom and strategies to overcome them permanently! Embrace your financial freedom

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