A leader’s strengths and weaknesses are often tested during a crisis, highlighting their leadership abilities. Even after the crisis has passed and things return to normal, a leader’s capacity to make wise decisions remains crucial. King Hezekiah is an example of a leader who faced personal and national crises during his reign and overcame them by seeking guidance from God, as described in Isaiah 36-38. However, even after his recovery, King Hezekiah demonstrated the crucial lesson that godly wisdom, discernment, and sound judgment are essential qualities for every believer but most specifically leaders.

It’s worth noting that after the Israelites were freed from Egypt, their enemies constantly threatened them. Thankfully, God’s protection kept them safe from most harm. Despite numerous nations seeking an alliance with King Hezekiah, he remained steadfast in following God’s commands and avoided forming relationships with idolatrous nations. Sadly, King Hezekiah’s decision to reveal his possessions and the treasures of God’s temple to Babylonian envoys had catastrophic consequences, ultimately resulting in the Israelites being captured by the Babylonians, as detailed in Isaiah 39:3-8.

King Hezekiah’s story offers a valuable lesson: It’s not wise to flaunt everything you have because you never know who your enemies may be. In today’s world, social media and information technology have made it easy to showcase one’s possessions and achievements, but not all of them may be authentic. Exposing or sharing everything can attract unwanted attention from the enemy, just as it did for King Hezekiah. Though Satan isn’t all-knowing, he often uses the information he is provided to attack God’s people. As responsible stewards, we should safeguard all we have, recognizing that not everything is for disclosure.  

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