We will resume the Journey with the Holy Spirit series in the future, but this week, we will end the series by discussing how to partner with the Holy Spirit through the last set of gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12, the Vocal Gifts. The vocal gifts are speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, and prophecy.  As you see, these gifts are communication or oratory gifts. Because they involve the utilization of our mouths, we must keep our hearts and tongues pure. We must guard our mouths, ears, and minds by being selective of what we entertain through them.

Most gifts, if not all, are perfected through prayer, commitment to reading Scripture, being doers of the word, and obeying the Holy Spirit. Experientially, most gifts are developed and fine-tuned in prayer. Below are some experiences a person may have when praying in tongues and how to manage them.

  1. A change in tongues or language you are praying in – you are acquiring the gift of praying in variations of tongues. (b) The Holy Spirit is developing your gift of tongues.
  2. A change in tone and intensity of prayer-you are addressing something in the spirit realm. Most likely, you are engaged in spiritual warfare or travailing prayer.
  3. Experiencing hand gestures, moving, and pointing- You are confronting or establishing some things in the spirit realm.
  4. A change in tone, intensity, language, or pace in projecting your words- you are likely prophesying -ask the Holy Spirit to interpret what He just prayed.
  5. A shift or change in atmosphere or ambiance may manifest as stillness, quietness, or manifestations of God’s presence. When this happens, stay there, and wait for what the Holy Spirit wants to do next. Don’t rush to leave; if you are in a church or house meeting, do not disrupt this with a song or talking. Just stay still and linger in his presence. (b) This presence can accompany you wherever you go for a long time (in the car, at work, anywhere); embrace Him. (c)Expect direct impartations or information downloads, i.e., direction, strategies, and blueprints from the Holy Spirit
  6. Interchange, praying in the Spirit, then with understanding, back and forth- You are likely interpreting in understanding (your regular language) what the Holy Spirit released as you were praying in tongues.
  7. Going into a vision or being transposed before God’s presence or to a location to be shown something (word of knowledge)- This is a common occurrence; children experience this a lot. Ask the kids what they saw in prayer.
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