To Christians, expressing gratitude towards God and others should be a daily practice. However, having a designated day for it enhances its significance through reflection.

We have many reasons to be thankful as we are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday. Firstly, we thank God for life, peace, protection, and preservation. Despite the challenges we faced, we woke up every day in good health, had provisions, and enjoyed peace in our homes, churches, and nations. Secondly, new connections and relationships were formed this year. We are grateful for this because we can advance in life with God and through the help of others. I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement in person, on Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Thirdly, we are grateful for every milestone God has brought us this year. Achieving any goal takes effort, so we recognize and applaud each accomplishment. Most importantly, we acknowledge that God deserves all the glory and thanksgiving for empowering, guiding, and supporting us throughout our endeavors. Although we know that the Holy Spirit and angels were also present to help us, we received affirmation and encouragement from people who cheered us along the way. Despite any challenges we faced, God remained faithful and committed to our success.

As you gather with friends and family or plan to use the holiday for some alone time, take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. Consider all you have achieved and acknowledge the blessings that have come your way. Remember that God is for you and loves seeing you happy and joyful. So go ahead and have a fun time! Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

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