There are other aspects of the Holy Spirit beyond what we are used to. For most Pentecostal-Charismatics, the Holy Spirit may be limited to speaking in tongues, prophecies, manifestations, or gifts.  In addition to gifts, the Holy Spirit has ministries he wants to extend to us. These ministries are what he uses to help or serve us. The Holy Spirit helps in several ways, such as

  1. The helper who assists in all aspects of life (John 14:15-16)
  2. Advocate, who represents, contends and   defends us on both spiritual and life issues (John 15:26)
  3. Counselor-The Holy Spirit provides guidance where needed. (John 16:13)
  4. Teacher- The Holy Spirit teaches us what we don’t know (John 14:26, 1 John 2:27)
  5. Revealer of secrets – he can show us the source of problems, warn us of impending danger, and show us things in advance so we can prepare for them. This is also how he helps us discern situations or people’s motives. (John 16:13-15, 1 Cor 2:6-14)
  6. Understanding- the Holy Spirit helps us master what is difficult to comprehend; this includes subjects, scriptures, or challenging concepts.  (Isaiah 11:2-3, 1 Cor 2:12)
  7. The Holy Spirit convicts us to sin and helps us overcome sin- The conviction also applies to non-sinful issues; he can tell us when to stop, leave something and move on so we don’t waste our time and resources. He also helps overcome sinful habits or anything we may be struggling with. (John 16:7, Galatians 5:16-18, Romans 8:13)
  8. Enabler– the Holy Spirit empowers us to do what seems impossible; from him, we gain daily strength to accomplish our goals. He also refreshes and replenishes us when we are exhausted.  (Romans 8:11, Zechariah 4:6, Isaiah 28:11-12))
  9. Comforter- The Holy Spirit comforts us when we are discouraged. (John 14:16)
  10. Intercessor – The Holy Spirit helps us pray. A person can pray with the Spirit without praying in tongues as long as they have submitted to be led by the Holy Spirit while praying.

Activation Exercise

The above ministries are among the many ways the Holy Spirit helps us. In this week’s activation, identify the ministry or service where you need the Holy Spirit’s assistance. You may need him as a teacher, empower, or counselor. You can say, “Holy Spirit, I need your help as a teacher in this investment issue, or Holy Spirit, show me how(counselor) to deal with my son.” Then partner with him as you follow the instructions he gives you. Journal what he shares and use them to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you until you master the subject continually. This is how we experience the “fullness of the Holy Spirit.”


Father God, we thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, we acknowledge you, and we acknowledge your power. We now invite your help; we relinquish our independence and everyone we have relied on. Our eyes are on you, Lord. Holy Spirit, we ask for your help as a comforter, teacher, revealer, advocate, and guidance. Fill us with your courage, power, boldness, strength, wisdom, and knowledge.  Fill us with the fear of the Lord.  We need you, Holy Spirit; welcome. We partner with you today in Jesus’ Name.

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