Recently during prayer, I was petitioning for something I wanted answered right away. I kept bringing the issue to God several times, pressing and firming, declaring that it must be answered ASAP. It was something God had already spoken about, and all I needed was to trust God and trust His timing that it will come to pass.

Instead, I approached prayer with such anxiety because I thought this was such a pressing need. And while in my anxious state of prayer pounding and puffing, the Holy Spirit whispered, “it is already established,” followed by Psalm 119:90-91 that says –Forever, O Lord Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations. You established the earth, and it stands. They stand this day according to Your ordinances, for all things are Your servants. In other words, God was telling me, “Pauline, I have already established that word; it will happen just as I said it, so stop praying with such anxiety, trust Me, It will come to pass because My word for you is already established”!  Well, I changed how I was praying immediately. Since then, I have been approaching praying with a “consider it done attitude.”

You see, when God says something, it is established immediately following His declaration. We see this in creation in Genesis chapter 1 when He said, let there be light, and the light was there, let there be trees and trees. God’s word is fast, and it acts immediately.  Psalm 147: 15 says; (God)He sends his command to the earth; His word runs swiftly.  God’s word will never delay. Also, in Isaiah 55:11 God affirms His word, indicating his word is not void of outcomes. He says that His word must accomplish what it was assigned to do

Every promise God gave you has already been established. God will not change that promise and give it to someone else, but the promise can stay inactive if we fail to engage it by faith through prayer and action.  The promise for provisions has already been established; trust the God, our provider, the promise for healing has already been established, trust God, our healer. The promise of guidance – He says will go before you and straightened up things in your favor, see Isaiah 45.2. The promise for support is already guaranteed; see John 14: 15-17. The promise for a breakthrough has already been established; He does exceedingly more than we ask or imagine. God’s promises bring us to a greater and better end. Be encouraged today that that has already been established.

What did God promise you that has not manifested in the natural yet? Well, that promise was already established in heaven. Instead of approaching God with sobbing, pounding, condemnation or anxiety as I was, trust God -His word was already established in heaven, and it shall come to pass. If you are waiting on a prophecy that you received way back, that prophecy was already established in heaven then; it is part of your destiny, it shall come to pass. Just as Abraham and Sarah were old and still conceived Isaac, God’s promise to Abraham about being a father of nations, happened and we see its evidence today through the twelve tribes of Israel.

Remember that Abraham was counted righteous because He believed God, Roman 4:3. Faith then has a lot to do with our spiritual and natural lifestyle. We, too, must approach God by faith, trusting that He has already established and finalized the plans and promises for our lives.

So how do we get what has already been established to manifest on earth!

  • Ask for it- ask God for the plans He has ordained for you and them the manifest entirely in the right timing.
  • Trust God that He means suitable for you-by faith access that promise or plan.
  • Engage in prayers of declarations. This is called positive binding, where you bind a scripture to a promise until it manifests. God responds to His Word. Angels respond to the Word of God; the Holy Spirit creates with the Word of God. So scripture that aligns to that promise and declares it. 
  • Exercise patience with thanksgiving; doing this can be difficult, but engage in praise, thanksgiving, and worship
  • Engage the Holy Spirit to show you reasons for the delay. The delay could be because something on your part that you need to be aware of and address or opposition. Like in Daniel 10:10-14, the Lord had already provided the answer to Daniel’s prayer, but opposition required angelic interception. So we must ask the Holy Spirit to expose the reason for delays to promises, so we engage accordingly.

 A promise or a prophecy is like an inheritance that is rightly ours as sons and daughters of God. There are things that God will grant immediately; others He will have you wait and bring them in His right timing, but others He will have you fight for. We must stay in fellowship with the Holy Spirit for guidance and notifications to not miss the promise or answer.

This week, change your approach to prayer, change your attitude toward waiting for the promise. Know that what God says or said concerning you is established the moment it is spoken, and sure enough, God will bring it to pass. God says in Jeremiah 1:12, For I am is alert and active, watching over My Word to perform it. Consider it done!


  1. Pray for anyone who could be frustrated over a delayed prayer answer-Do not make any rug decisions on the matter. I pray for peace over you, and that you take your eyes off the issue and focus on Jesus (Psalm 121)
  2. Praying for faith to rise up within you- the Bible teaches that we each have a measure of faith, may faith arise within you right now
  3. Pray that God may open your eyes to see the answer. At times answers are around us, but we miss them because we are expecting them to come in a different way. May your eyes be opened right now to recognize the answer.
  4. Praying that your discernment will increase to recognize the fake answers
  5. Pray for angelic intervention where any opposition is against your breakthrough like in Daniel chapter 10
  6. Pray for endurance, and patience, that you will rest in the Lord until the answer comes
  7. Thanksgiving and praise in advance for your answers
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