Have you ever experienced duuh moments in prayer. Where you drag yourself to your prayer room or simply don’t feel like praying. OR have you ever been hit so hard by an adversary that you don’t know how to pray or where to begin in prayer. In both experiences, I encourage you to worship the Lord. Make your prayer the prayer of worship.

You may feel like you have prayed all the prayers concerning the issue, fasted and stood on the promises, but while the answer or breakthrough is on its way to manifest, persevere and approach God in worship. Make worship your most valuable asset to present Jesus. Make worship your alabaster oil.
From personal experience, the prayer of worship helps me connect with God much faster. How would you know that, I describe this as an inner knowing, in such moment’s prayers flow effortless with the help of the Holy Spirit.

In worship we go without an agenda, plan or prayer list. It is simply resting in worship of God. How does a prayer of worship look like?
•Lord I worship you because you are my salvation in this situation
•I acknowledge you surpassing power to break this issue and birth forth my breakthrough
•I embrace your goodness and mercies this day
•I acknowledged your power to deliver and to set me free
•I thank you because you have already seen the end when this issue began, I bless you my Alpha and Omega, my all in all
•I worship you, all knowing, all present God, because you are with me right now, I acknowledge your presence and ability in this
•I bless you for your love for me
•I honor you my I AM because you are the solution to this right now
•Oh I thank you Lord, for your mercies are not only new for me today in this situation but they endure forever

This week, approach God in worship, end your prayer in worship and thanksgiving. God responds mightily to all prayers. But He seems to respond valiantly to the prayer of worship and thanksgiving. 2 Chronicles 20:21-25 has become a constant reminder lately. Worship intimidates the enemy. Worship brings blessings. As we worship in prayer, may we gather our answers from the valley of blessings.