The Ministry of Jesus Christ International Inc.- Is a global ministry whose main mandate is to equip the Body of Christ to come to the fullness of God. I have such deep hunger to help believers across the globe realize their full potential in Christ Jesus, thus live victoriously, exercising the power of Christ in them and appropriating that power in all areas of their lives on a daily basis.

As I reflect from my childhood, I realize that God called me when I was 7 years old; I was always drawn to prayer and singing, but had no inclination that I was destined to ministry. I was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit at age 12. From that time intimacy with God were common occurrences. Later in my twenties, I had strong desire to pursue Bible School; but instead I chose a corporate career track that led me to the top, reporting to the president and the board of directors by age 36. I now believe that my actual journey to ministry started shortly after departing from that job. God used a ten-month period to retract and to start preparing me for this ongoing journey in ministry.

I share my testimonies of the Grace and Mercy of God; His love, forgiveness and redemption in “The Alternative Plan”, a book about my journey back to my God appointed destiny in the ten-month period of deep fellowship with God. It was during this period that I also developed a hunger for the lost. I pictured myself preaching in stadiums and always admired television preachers, saying “I would like to do that too”. However, I was still far from recognizing still that God had called me already. It was not until May 2013, that all was made clear through several confirmations about the calling, that I actively and purposely decided to seek God and corporate with the Holy Spirit in the preparation for ministry. My journey to ministry is written in the book “Called to Ministry, Now What”. It is by God’s Love, Grace and Mercy that I am.

One evening in October 2015 while standing by the kitchen island after returning from a speaking engagement, I ask God, what would I call this ministry? Before this day, I had been so careful not to appoint myself a ministry or title or anything. However, I had already purposed that the ministry must Christ focused and Christ Centered. So I shared this experience with a friend and reiterated that it must be “Christ Centered and Christ Focused”. The friend responded “that is the ministry Jesus Christ”. I brushed that off, instead responded back to the friend that Christ did not have a name for His ministry. Two months later, shortly after returning from another engagement, I received a call from my dear Mother. In the conversation, Mom encouraged and blessed me over the phone. As she ended the conversation, she mentioned, be strong, don’t be afraid, keep preaching about Christ alone, do not deviate, your ministry is the ministry of Jesus Christ International, you must preach the Word to all nations. As we hang up, I was left trembling. I sat speechless, cried, then realized, The Ministry of Jesus Christ International Inc. was confirmed and birthed!