Demonstrate God’s love for one another as Christ commands through spiritual enrichment and humanitarian support. John 13:34-35

  • Education – Build or support existing primary schools in villages (2) Enrolled unschooled children (3) Provide educational material (4) Support young writers and those interested in the arts; specifically acting, music and theatre.
  • Healthcare – Upgrade or build existing dispensaries and outpatient clinics (1) Build and support the operation of a Sickle Cell Anemia Clinic (2) Train on preventative care, immunization of children and communicable diseases (3) Provide affordable medications for patients
  • Economic Initiatives – Provide financial incentives to small scale female based businesses. (2) Provide business training so as to assure long-term sustainability of businesses and business expansion
  • Rural Community Revitalization – Enhance the quality of life in villages by providing fresh water, electricity and information technology Provide water wells in close and accessible areas, solar panels in schools, medical dispensaries (clinics) and village business.
  • USA Diaspora Support – Support African immigrants with basic assimilation and adjustment to a new country, resumes, job search, transcript evaluation, job interview preparation, career tracks, how to navigate higher education through university and vocational institutions, cultural challenges and expectation, navigating healthcare systems and advocacy, support with children or adults with special needs, and serve as a referral source for African immigrants.