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Foundations in any aspect are very critical in ensuring stability and longevity. Predictions and outcomes can be made based on foundations that were laid. Studies have shown this; and whether it is in our spiritual journeys, ministries or life, there remains emphasizes to lay the right foundation. However, God may ask you to dig deep and remove some heavy-duty dirt to take you to the next level.

It is the story of the wine skins. And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. Instead, new wine is poured into new wineskins.” Mark 2:22.

If committed to being trained by God, He does this in stages and often the Holy Spirit will lead you to face unaddressed issues. God is so loving enough that He will allow you to mature to be able to handle what you have always ignored. That is why some deliverances are in stages. Normally these are matters of the heart. The pain, the anger, the bitterness, the unforgiveness, the trauma, the hurt, the wrong beliefs, the pride, the arrogance, the whining, the complaining, the wrong friends or relationships, the bad attitude, the self-pity, the poor identity, the selfishness, the low self-esteem, the procrastination, the laziness, the depression, the fear.

Slowly by slowly God will take you there to start dealing with them and bring you healing. Please note that all is in love. God loves you so much and desires to heal you so that He can do something new; give you the new wine. See when the junk is out, your heart becomes a new wine skin, deliverance occurs, you are set free then healing and restoration begins.

Since God has greater purposes for you, He also wants to ensure that you have laid the right foundation for where He is taking you next. Satan will try to reason with you to keep the junk. This is demon of oppression(stagnation) that wants to keep you from progressing in life and the things of God. Never allow the junk to keep you hostage.

This week dig deep, are there some things you need to let go? Are you ready for your deliverance and healing? At times, I went to God in tears crying “Lord this hurt is too difficult for me; help me, heal, deliver, help me Holy Spirit. Call on the Holy Spirit, He is our Helper. I am a testimony of being healed and delivered by God privately in prayer. This same God can do it for you.

2017 was declared a year of breakthrough. We are approaching the end of its first half. Take courage this week and dig deep. God wants to take you to a high HIGH

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If you have ever taken pottery classes, watched pottery or even played with clay, you will notice a common trend. Water has to be constantly added to the clay first to attain the right consistency to mold and shape the vessel and second water is constantly sprinkled as part of the process of shaping the clay into shape.

The Word of God is the water that shapes us into form. Purpose to read the Bible. Meditate and memorize the Word of God. Let the Word of God be engrained in your mind and heart. This is what the Lord instructs us in Joshua 1: 8 which says This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. These are also repeated in Deuteronomy 17:19, Deuteronomy 29:9, Deuteronomy 11:8. The Word of God is one of the crucial ways God uses. We are all being made and shaped by our Potter; God. This is how we are being transformed from glory to glory, to be vessels of good use in 2017.

As you water yourself with the Word, you will also receive the Words to speak into the year for each situation. This week, stay watered in the Word. Read the Bible more. Meditate and memorize the scripture. Ask the Holy Spirit to explain what you are reading. Write down what you learn from the reading. Do what you read. You are being shaped by the Potter. Enjoy the process. Share what God directs you to share from reading the Bible. Keep what God tells you to keep. From experience, God always reveals and speaks to us individually first. That means most of the revelations are meant for ourselves, for our shaping, for our watering before we water/minister to others.

A few days ago, my sister encouraged me with the following. She said, “Our part is to continue feeding on the Word (water). As the water goes in, we are emptied out of everything else BUT WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE WATER WILL TURN INTO WINE, that’s the Holy Spirit’s part”.

As the water is being drawn out, we will find that the Holy Spirit has turned the water into wine for others”. As the Holy Spirit turns the water (Word) into wine, we are being turned into vessels of good use for the Master. Stay soaked and glued in the Word. Stay in the Water this year.

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At times in the hustle and bustle of life, we get to a point that we need refills in order to keep going or to restart. Or a times it’s a matter of replenishing the with new strength, new direction, clarified vision, clear direction or new oil. In such times I think we should just be blunt with God, look up with our hands, hearts and mouths wide open and just pray; “Lord give me a drink!”

Jesus to the Samaritan woman in John 4:10 -Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.”

This Living Water, the Holy Spirit has a track record of rejuvenation, impartation and activation. If you recall, He is the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. This same Spirit now lives in us and is very capable of resurrecting and renewing the tired areas of our lives including our bodies. Romans 8:11.

He is also the same Spirit that breaths into the Words we proclaim to birth new things and bring life, solutions, directions, insight to our lives. Hence He is called the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit of Knowledge, The Spirit of Revelation, The Spirit of Discernment, The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord; Isaiah 11: 2. The Spirit of Power, the Spirit of Glory, the Spirit of Fire, the Spirit of Faith, The breathe of God, The Spirit of God.

Prior to meeting the Samaritan woman, Jesus had just performed His first miracle, turning six barrels of water to much needed wine at a wedding reception in despair.

It is in Christ that we can now enjoy both the rivers that never run dry and the new fresh wine of the Holy Spirit. As you wind down your holiday shopping, as you review you goals and set resolutions and objectives of the New Year; If currently in despair, If you are almost at the point of refill, let’s look up this week with our, hands, hearts, minds and mouth open and pray; “Lord, give me a drink!”

Psalm 36.8, Luke 5:37-39, Isaiah 41:10