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Lately there seems to be a lot to do. It seems that things are moving rapidly and with urgency. In any area of our callings, God continues to download more that requires our immediate obedience and action. It feels as though we are in a crash course of some sort this season and it behooves us to act on what is being released by God. In the midst of this, we still have to do life! Despite all, God has provided us the Helper, the Holy Spirit who empowers us to do more. So take courage, go on, the Holy Spirit is empowering us to accomplish all. This is why, we are
(a)Empowered through rejuvenation -The Holy Spirit is the breathe of life. Even in our weariness, His breath brings to life that which is feeble and weary. He resurrects dormant gifts and activates us to do more. Romans 8:11, John 5:21. In Him we are rejuvenated-in Him we live and move and have our being

(b)Empowered by new strength-As the Spirit of Power in whom we are filled in, Holy Spirit power births new strength. Matthew 3:11. Have you ever been tired, then prayed in Spirit and all over a sudden a new surge of energy rushed in? There are days I am physically tired. On such days my prayers have been, Holy Spirit help finish house chores today.

(c)Empowered through detoxification –This is the Spirit of Fire. Among His functions are burn off all toxins from us, purge and purify. This process can be painful, but hey, a good Father disciplines His children (Hebrews 12:6). It is from here too that we move from glory to glory; this in itself is another form of empowerment!

(d)Empowered through ongoing surrender and submission- I am not sure about you but it seems we are in a season of dying to self. A sister from church shared the same sediment a week ago stating, “It seems we are in season of pruning but at a different level”. Some of you may attest to this; we have been in a season of submitting and dying to our intellect! Our mind and reasoning have to align to the Spirit and with God. Faith, trust and obedience becomes our logic. Our spirits must align to the Spirit of God. Our minds must be transformed to the mind of Christ, set in heaven to detect our daily operations on earth. We are in a season of mind transformation that requires us to mentally, spiritually and emotionally align with heaven. And the bloggers said Amen!

(e)Empowered with Boldness-Acts 29-31-Is there an area you are timid to launch into? The Holy Spirit can empower you with courage and boldness to go forth!

(f)The Holy Spirit Empowers through REST. In fact, He does more in, with and for us when we rest in Him. Watch out for His hints to rest!

This week seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He will rejuvenate you, strengthen you, purge off the dirt and help you align with heaven. Go forth in courage. Move on with BOLDNESS! Do not forget to REST!

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Collectively as we reflect on various areas in our lives from the beginning of the year to date, we can all attest to seeing God’s Hand in those areas anyhow. Although while they happened, we could not see any goodness in them , but now we can look back and say ‘that was God”. As you reflect and as you gather with family and friends this week, approach God with thanksgiving, for surely, we have seen the Valiant Hand of the Lord. Yes, thank God for the following:

HIS RELENTLESS PROTECTION-Speaking for myself, this year God scooped me out of some dangerous situations even when I fought to stay in those situations. God actually pulled me out of stuff and shut the doors; ensuring there was no way to return. In His protection, He repeatedly exposed the plans of the enemy in advance and provided a way of escape. He did this my best interest, knowing He had better alignments and better connections ahead. Can you testify of God’s protection?

HEALING & DELIVERANCE-While God shut old doors He simultaneously opened new and safe doors. Through these doors I learned what “inner healing” was and that deliverance involves the deliverance from false beliefs. He continues to deliver me from religious spirits. With this came liberation and freedom to serve and worship Him utterly free. Did deliverance and Healing show up at your door? If so, then testify

IDENTITY-God showed me my identity. In the original identity that He had for me, I discovered that I am unique. How He identifies me is what makes me complete. That Christ as made us Complete in Him, lacking no good thing. That my identity and security are not in my talents, skills, education, intellect, spiritual gifts or ministry; but rather that my identity is in Him. In Him we live and move and have our beings.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD- Then He showed me that since my Identity is in Him, then I am a Kingdom being. I am seated with Christ as co-heir, I can decree His Kingdom and the statutes of His Kingdom to operate in every situation in my life. He also shared that this Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. This is the assurance we have in Him, that whatever we ask in His Name, believing, we receive. Thank God for the Kingdom of God is now among us!

JOY and REST- He brought us to a place of utter rest, joy and peace. Assuring us to stand by faith, to stand on His promises. Peace and Joy became unspeakable. We pushed through to worship, dance, pray and serve Him, even when we did not understand. BUT, when God showed up, He did with newer and better things, unexpected timings, we saw breakthroughs and favors. Love and grace showed up! Surely we have a good, good Father.

Reflect on What God has done for you this year. It is highly likely that YOU HAVE SEEN GOD TOO! I don’t know about you, but I could write a book about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord this year. He pulled us out of the mire, He lifted us up, He dried the tears, He moved on our behalf. We saw His mightily strength when we were weak. Grace and love became real. For the mighty things God has done and continues to do for us, let’s approach Him with thanksgiving this week. Yes, “thank you Lord” should be our prayer this week!

Happy Thanksgiving
Pauline Adongo